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Contemporary and Timeless

Introducing our new aluminum siding. It is unique, resistant, durable, and allows for easy installation at a lower cost than steel or wood.

This is a solution for homeowners looking to enhance their living space, while preserving the value of their property. Harmony provides versatile possibilities for transforming any space – whether you prefer a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal installation for a revamp of your entire house or for a striking addition to a specific area.

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When you opt for HARMONY siding, you opt for a complete and stunning solution.

An inspired, realistic wood grain finish combined with a unique panel composition makes it the right choice for a timeless design.

  • Ideal for residential and commercial projects
  • Perfect for accent wall and full-surface projects
  • Cost-effective and quick to install
  • An exclusive aesthetic look
  • Durability and heritage enhancement
  • Exceptional aluminum quality; 0.032” compared to the market standard at 0.027”
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7 colours

  • Seven contemporary colours that provide a realistic wood grain appearance.
  • Above-average pattern repeat distance of 53 inches.
  • Clear colour identification on HARMONY product boxes allows you to save preparation time and to work more efficiently on site.
  • Each siding strip is individually wrapped in plastic to protect the paint during handling.
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Easy to Install

Aluminum siding boasts swift and straightforward installation, presenting a pragmatic choice for builders seeking increased productivity. Its lightweight nature makes handling and installation a breeze.
  • Easy to install with our Click&Go fastening system
  • Requires only one person
  • No specialised tools and no silicone required
  • High quality and lightweight; 50% lighter than wood-finished steel products and 70% lighter than engineered wood siding


  • 01

    Click&Go system

    Exceptional design for secure mounting and one-step installation. Cost-effective and quick to install.

  • 02

    Easy to install

    Requires only one person.

  • 03

    Lightweight aluminum

    High quality and lightweight; 50% lighter than wood-finished steel products and 70% lighter than engineered wood siding.

  • 04

    No specialised tools and no silicone* required

    Easy to cut; no need for a steel saw. *No silicone needed to fix panels.

  • 05

    Natural wood appearance

    Offers a unique variety of sought-after shades in a realistic wood finish, without the maintenance of wood.

  • 06

    High-quality aluminum

    High-quality and robust 0.032’’ aluminum compared to the market standard at 0.027‘’. Excellent durability and long-term investment.

  • 07

    UV protection

    Powder-coating technology with UV protection. Will not fade.

  • 08

    Waterproof and rot-proof

    Non-Porous. Does not rot or present mildew.

  • 09

    Maintenance free

    Only needs to be cleaned with water occasionally.

  • 10


    Resists distortion, stains, corrosion, insects, rodents and pests. Resistant to temperature variations, offering excellent stability in our climate.

  • 11

    100% recycled and recyclable

    For us, every material and action counts in preserving our planet and building a sustainable future.

  • 12

    Made in Canada

    By a local company for local people.

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A Complete

We offer a complete range of profiles, mouldings, trims, and interior and exterior corners to meet every architectural need.
  • Interior corner
  • Exterior corner
  • Straight and angled belt line
  • Drip cap 1 1/4″ and 1 3/4″
  • H Trim
  • J Channel
  • Trim coil

Standards Tests and Warranty

  • On the pathway for CGAB 93.1, CGSB 93.2, AAMA 1402